Q: What does Kessler Construction build?

A: We build custom homes, large remodels, and large additions. Fun Fact: We have not built the same home twice!

Q: Where does Kessler Construction build?

A: Kessler Construction serves the following counties in Florida: Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Gadsden, Wakulla, Calhoun, Liberty, Franklin, Gulf, and Bay. Also, the following counties in Georgia: Decatur, Grady, Thomas, and Brooks.

Q: What is your price per square foot?

A: Price per square foot is extremely subjective. We are currently seeing $160-$225 range price per square foot total area. The level of finishes you choose to put in your home, the size of your home, and your lot constraints all factor into this number. The price per square foot when building custom is truly unique to your home. You must set a realistic budget before you begin your home building journey, so that Kessler Construction can help you stay within your budget during design and construction.

Q: What is a realistic budget for building a custom home today?

A: Budgeting for roughly $160-$225 per square foot total area for your custom home (not including your lot) is a starting point. Remember, price per square foot is not exact and is very subjective. Discuss your budget and home goals with the Kessler Team to determine what size home and specifications will fit into your budget.

Q: I need a construction loan; how does that process work when I build with Kessler Construction?

A: Kessler Construction regularly works with several banks for our client’s construction loans. Your first step is to choose a bank. We recommend Adrienne Granger at Prime Meridian Bank, 850-907-2398. The bank will request documentation from you to provide you with a pre-approval letter. Once your home is designed and your contract is signed, bank closing typically will take 30-45 days. Kessler Construction cannot order materials or start construction until the bank closes on your loan.

Q: Will Kessler Construction build on a lot that I own or am planning on purchasing?

A: Yes!

Q: What is your design-build process?

A: We have proven seven step process:

  1. A phone call with your Pre-Construction Consultant that includes a brief discussion of your project and scheduling an Initial Site Visit.
  2. An Initial Site Visit takes place on your lot, in our office, your current home, or virtually to discuss your custom home building goals and budget.
  3. Start plan design, site analysis, and the pricing of your new home by signing and funding your Pre-Construction Agreement.
  4. The design and pricing of your home is complete! Approve your contract documents.
  5. Make your selections with your KC Selections Coordinator while Team KC prepares for construction and obtains your building permits.
  6. Construction begins!
  7. Construction is complete! A final walk through with your KC team and you are ready to move in!

Q: How long does the entire design-build process take?

A: The duration of your design-build process depends a lot on your timeline and how quickly you make decisions. You should budget for about 12 months. This includes your plan development, pricing, selections, permitting, and construction of your new home. Some homeowners like to take more time than others between plan drafts, as well as making selections, which increases this process duration. Of course, there are a lot of factors that are unique to each custom home that can change this timeline. Be sure to have this discussion with the Kessler Team so you know what to expect. Communication is key!

Q: What are selections?

A: Selections are the fixtures and finishes in your new home that you choose from available products, with the assistance of the Kessler Selections Coordinator. For example, your flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. At Kessler Construction, you get the additional service of a Selections Coordinator included in your home building experience. There are many choices to make, and our clients have found their Kessler Selections Coordinator invaluable.

Q: How does the selections process work?

A: After your home plans and pricing are complete, and you have signed your Construction Agreement, the selections process begins! Every Kessler Construction project includes professional selection coordination. First, your Kessler Selections Coordinator will meet with you to review your design vision and goals. Next, your Kessler Selections Coordinator will schedule and attend selections meetings with you. As you make selections, pricing and details are uploaded to Co-Construct, our online software. Substantially complete selections are a prerequisite to the start of construction.